Let’s take a moment to take in and appreciate the details of Knob Creek. Take a moment to acknowledge how far this storied brand has come and the opportunity that lies ahead.

This pre-Prohibition-style liquid was inspired by the Bottled-in-Bond Act. And we have recommitted to embracing who we are at our core—a full-flavored, true American whiskey. A liquid meant to be savored when you’re looking to appreciate the finer things.

Our liquid gives us the credentials to cement Knob Creek as the standard-bearer of what true quality American whiskey looks like. Claiming a space that is rightfully ours to own as a part of the original Small Batch Collection.

It’s time we bring our consumers, bartenders, retailers and distributors into our family—showing them the authentic Knob Creek and getting them to fall in love again.

This year we’re elevating our positioning to match our premium look. Our The Depth Is in the Details brand platform/creative idea embodies who we are as a liquid and how we want our consumers to enjoy it. It is inspired by our founder and enables us to activate cross-channel consistently.

Product Range

One thing that makes Baker’s unique is there’s not one particular location where it ages. With four campuses, a lot of differences can occur inside each barrel. For example, airflow, location of the rickhouse and dump date all play a part. Each barrel is tested. Only those that meet the highest quality standards are bottled.